Nila is group with that boasts a comprehensive list of services that include catering, events, bakes and a restaurant. Glo Media’s primary task with Nila was to create a series of promotional materials for their new generation restaurants. Our work with Nila also included naming two series of restaurants under the same brand – Food Fusion and Grill n Fry. We also did promotional materials and stationeries for the launch of new restaurants under their group in Kerala and Dubai.

We were able to do various product package designs and advertisements for their newly launched food products.

  • Ad Film
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
Nila Catering Service print ad on magazine
Nila Catering Services - Happy onam advertisement of Vanitha Magazine
Nila Bakers and Confectionaries print ad on magazine
Tiles of Nila Bakes Magic Cake Packages
Package of Nila Bakes Chocolate Flavour Cup Cake
Package of Nila Bakes Strawberry flavour Cup Cake Package
Nila cup cake packages on wooden floor
Front and Back pages of Nila Bakes Karinkallathany Inauguration Invitation
Nila FoodFusion Restaurant Logo
FoodFusion Restaurant Logo on cofee cup
Nila FoodFusion Business Card design
Shop board of NIla FoodFusion Restaurant displaying Logo
Nila Grill 'N' Fry Business Card design
Nila FoodFusion, Grill 'N' Fry Standee Design
Nila FoodFusion, Grill 'N' Fry Roll-up Standee Design
Menu Design for NIla FoodFusion Restaurant
Frech Fry Package with Nila Food Fusion logo printed on it
Frech Fry Package with Nila Grill 'N' Fry Logo Printed on it
A hanging board of Nila Food Fusion and Grill 'N' Fry Restaurants